It pains me to think of what Pip's life would be like if she was born generations ago..The hardships, the struggles, the unacceptance and the ignorance. I can't imagine as a momma what those mothers went through giving up their children to institutions or adoption because of the pressures of society. And I'm so very thankful for the generations of mommas that proudly fought for the acceptance and inclusion we now have.

I realize it's an ongoing fight and I gladly pick up my piece in it, for the next generation to come. Because it really is the next generation that makes all the difference. It really is about how their going to see differences and what will come from that.

So whenever I can preach our #differentisbeautiful message to a school, that's when I truly feel, I'm taking it to church...That's when I feel it's mattering the most - because these kids are the kids that are going to be accepting my daughter as she is.

These kids are going to be the ones to shatter the stigma around disability.

These kids are going to be the ones to accept people for who they are, not the disability they have.

These kids are going to celebrate differences, whether that's freckles, one arm, diabetes or Down syndrome.

These kids are who are going to change the world.

Last year to celebrate World Down syndrome Day, I was invited to a school that celebrated this beautiful little girl named Emma. It did my momma heart good, seeing inclusion first hand and also seeing the love from Emma's classmates, teachers and her mom.

It was an honour to chat with these kids this year and tell them that they can indeed change the world...That they in fact, already are.

Happy World Down syndrome Day,

All photos by the ever talented Eden Grove Photography