Back in the day, okay not so long ago, but before kids when the drinks were a plenty in my life. I used to get what my husband says a bit "Beyonce-ish" when I had a few too many...It was like once that over the top drink hit, I had a streak of "Miss Independence".

My girlfriends, I'm sure can back up this claim but to give an example, so y'all can picture it properly - When my husband & I lived in Ireland, we lived city centre right in the smack of one of the greatest cities in the world, Dublin. And Dublin comes with pints, music and fun just about every night of the week. For us it was Fridays with our co-workers and friends. One such channeling my inner "Beyonce" time, I thought it made sense to walk home bare-foot, because my tootsies were killing after thinking I was killing it on the dance floor all night - Obviously another trait Beyonce and I share...But when my rational-trying-to-help-boyfriend-at-the-time-I'm-lucky-he-still-married-me-husband tried to reason with me, I stormed off with my arms in the air proclaiming, "You don't own me"...Proud moment for sure.

Well the reason I'm sharing this oh so lovely tidbit of my past with y'all, is because I think the "Beyonce sassyness" has been passed down to my son...The other day he had dental surgery and everything went okay till he started coming out of the anesthetic. He was kinda like the one too many gins in his momma...

He went berserk - I mean buck wild...Trying to rip off the IV, flailing around like a wild animal, clinging to my neck one minute, throwing himself on the floor the next, pinching a nurse and then demanding new water because his wasn't "cold" enough...He let his inner "Diva" come out and I even had to carry him to the van wedding style, in just his coat because he refused to put his shirt on - And then went off, because the zipper was cold on his belly. Good times.

I tried to tell the nurses, he was actually a really funny, lovely little boy. They just laughed and said, "They've seen this reaction before and that they know he is funny." I must have looked puzzled as to how, so they told me what the Doctors and operating nurses told them. And while I was in the operating room to witness it myself, I still had to giggle that they felt it was funny enough to share.

Lately whenever Noal farts, he looks around to make sure someone is watching him and then he says, "Ooops, kiss from Uncle Two Cheeks." He then laughs hysterically and I obviously can't help but laugh right along with him.

Now I don't know if Noal could sense I was scared or sad or what, but right before they put the mask on him, as I was holding his hand and about to sing the song we had chosen together. He looked up at me and said, "Ooops, kiss from Uncle Two Cheeks momma."

To which I obviously started giggling and then had to tell the operating team what he meant...The room exploded in laughter, I mean loudly, the Anesthesiologist may or may not have snorted. It totally took the stress in the air outta the room and the size of Noal's smile, knowing he made people laugh is a story I will tell his whole life. 

So, at the end of the day I kinda love that my boy has a bit of "Beyonce" to him. He's strong, knows what he wants, is independent and outrageously charming and charismatic...

He knew in that scenario, when his own momma was trying to be brave, by making her laugh it would ease her heart. 

P.S - Here's our "dental surgery" song...I may just watch it forever because I don't think there is a cuter little boy on the planet.