Some days are really dark being a momma to a child with Down syndrome, Congenital Cataracts, Congenital Heart Defects & a slew of other "special needs". Some days you are beyond frustrated because hours upon hours are spent in therapies and appointments. Some days you are so desperate to just hear the word "momma" instead of teaching how to sign. Some days you are jealous of other kids lapping your little one in milestones and accomplishments. Some days tracing the scars of their many surgeries, almost chokes you in fear like the days they happened. Some days you can't believe the ugly in the world when people say/write/think; "Why didn't she abort", "Down syndrome babies are a drain on our taxes" or "Their lives are useless."

Some days are thankfully just that...Some days. 

Most days are filled with so much happiness because of contagious laughter. Most days are filled with pride at the determination in accomplishing everyday challenges. Most days are drenched in joy because what really matters is what is being presented. Most days are filled with such a deep thanks because your child survived and is showing you and others just how much purpose their lives hold. 

Most days are filled with nothing but gratitude because you realize most days trump some days. And some days make most days that much sweeter. 

*This post is to celebrate all the Brave Heart Warriors out there and celebrate CHD Awareness Week - My little girl's heart surgery was life changing and something that will stay with me forever. To those who are fighting, those that didn't make it and those going through it - Fight on Brave Ones, fight on.*

All outrageously adorable photos by Eden Grove Photography.