50 Years from Now....

I'd consider myself to be a pretty-easy-going-roll-with-the-punches-kinda momma. But two things in particular just about do my head in: Potty training for obvious reasons and getting children out the door, especially in the winter. I'm always running late, I mean always, so that with the added nonsense of boots, coats, hats, mitts, times two just about makes me wanna hibernate and call er a day.

Take this morning, my one day when both hooligans are at daycare and I get to actually work. Pip went up and down the stairs about 13 times, Noal refused to put his boots on the right feet, Pip didn't want to wear mitts and Noal kept distracting the whole process by singing to her which she loved.

And right before I was about to get all outta sorts, like they always do, they took me down a notch and showed me really what matters...

 "Look momma, I can even kiss Pippy through the stairs."

They kept kissing, Pip laughing each and every time and Noal beaming proudly because he made his "girls" happy...

You think that would be enough of an emotional hug today, but oh no Fate was not finished...Walking into daycare, Pip was a bit slower and having a hard time on the snow, so Noal kept pushing her along and holding her hand...

And in that moment when I took this sweet, sweet pic, it was as if this was them, 50 years from now. It was as if this was a glimpse of my sweet boy taking care of his sister, when my husband and I are gone. It was as if Fate once again was showing me, they have each other and everything will be okay. 

P.S- Noal is the King-of-Time-Outs in our household but Pippy always has to go sit beside him to make sure he's okay. 


  1. You have taught your kids to be strong and brave, to love n protect each other no matter what. You have done great and you have amazing kids.
    Love you guys. God bless you all always

  2. Anonymous25.2.15

    This is absolutely beautiful! How blessed are you? not only for those 2 precious children but that you have the ability to see through these moments and what each really means. Yes they will be ok! God Bless. I enjoy reading your blogs so very much. :)

  3. Linda-Lee Cassidy25.2.15

    Tara; Normal morning winter feelings! We've all been there with 2 or more! Your not the type to hybernate! But what a beautiful thought and look into the future! Love and Hugs