There is this whole "one little word" thing now that is supposed to simplify making resolutions, goals or your focus for the New Year...One word, sheesh, as a writer that is both excruciatingly challenging & utter nonsense...

I mean I could pick one of many words, that would carry me into 2015:
- Believe
- Shine
- Give
- Love
- Soar
- Create
- Grow

But here's the thing, while I could own and really try to live by any of these #onelittlewords that could be applied to my life right now - None of them sit well with me for some reason...What resonates with me and what I keep coming back to, is oddly "Throw caution to the wind". No clue why, but that's where my confetti little mind goes. 

For some reason on New Year's Eve I posted this pic of Pip with the words, "Today I'm thankful for the anticipation of all that is possible in 2015...Hope y'all have a year full of moments that knock your glasses off, make you laugh so hard you don't care about your double chin & is full of chances to throw caution to the wind"...

And I guess without knowing, when wishing it upon all of you, in turn I was wishing that for myself...And this week when I go on VACATION, a real vacation not just visiting family with the kids kinda vacation...I want to really think out what that means in my life and for 2015...

I'm hoping to be able to read a book, get drunk and dance with my husband, daydream & set goals for myself & Happy Soul Project and most importantly EAT. SLEEP. EAT. SLEEP. Repeat over and over.

Pip laughs at herself when she tickles her own toes...I mean, come on. Outrageous. 

I've never vacationed at an All-Inclusive-kinda-place before so I have no idea what I'm walking into. But whenever I pictured myself going and according to the sale items I buy at Target and convince myself in the changing room would be perfect in the Caribbean - I always thought I'd have months to get bathing suit ready, instead of going right off the plumpest season called Chocolate-Fest, I mean Christmas....Regardless, I'm squeezing this bootay & momma ponch into a one piece, enjoying every sun-filled second and getting my eat on, big time.

See, throwing caution to the wind...And so it begins.