The other day I found inspiration in a place I wasn't expecting to. 

I found courage in families that showed me what it is to fight for something so out of their control. I found love in parents that give up everything to be beside their children in a place no one wishes to be. And I found so much hope in meeting kids that are beyond courageous everyday.

The other day I got to meet numerous families and give out our Kick-It-Capes at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto...I got to see how a simple act of giving a stranger something to let them know someone in the world is on their side and fighting with them, can be oh, so powerful.

I got to hug mommas who have already been in the hospital for months, separated from their other children, fighting everyday for the care of their child. I got to talk with a dad who showed such courage & acceptance in the battle his daughter was fighting with cancer. I got to walk down the halls of the cancer ward and see how numerous kids, already had one of our capes and proudly hung them by their cribs or on their walls. And I got to hug and hold a little girl, who I now just can't get off my mind or outta my heart...

This is little Kyra - Adorable right?
She even had a cake made with her on top wearing her Kick-It-Cape....

I got to see the utter sadness of dealing with a child who is sick, yet I left feeling inspired and so moved by these children and families...While Pip's been in the hospital & we've had some scary moments - I still can't imagine what these families go through on a daily basis...I can't truly understand how hard it must be to to live day in and day out in a hospital or Ronald McDonald House. I can't fathom the fear and worry, they face over and over after every round, test, or surgery. I can't let my heart even go there, trying to think about what it feels like to be ripped away from your other children because one needs you so desperately beside them. And I really can't contemplate what it feels like to see your child lose the fight. 

My heart is heavy, my van once again let me cry on it's steering wheel as soon as I was done at Sick Kids and if anything I am more then ever ignited to help. To do my part in anyway I can, to bring a wee bit of hope to these courageous children. 

So with that I've changed Kick-Cancer's-Arse Capes to Kick-It-Capes because it's not just cancer these kids are fighting...I want to open it up to any illness that a child is trying to Kick-It's-Arse and I also want to open it up to siblings...In meeting with these families & chatting about their stories, I realized how much the siblings go through - I gave one little boy, who is his sister's rock, who literally when she's going through treatment wants to hold onto him more than anyone else, a cape & care-package - And it made me realize that he needs the strength and boost of hope and recognition of a courageous job well done, just as much. 

Therefore, with the waiting list of kids in need growing - We desperately need more capes, more fabric, more money to help with shipping, presents & shirts. We need YOU.  

So now you can purchase or sponsor a Kick-It-Cape directly off our store for $20 - When you do we will either send the cape directly to a child you know of or we will use your donation to send it to a child on our waiting list.

So y'all can do that HERE

You can also sew, make, or beg others to donate capes or fabric - Start a sewing bee with friends, do a cool school project or sit down with your kids and teach them a life lesson while making them...However, you do it, just do it...

Trust me, meeting and seeing firsthand the reaction the Kick-It-Capes have, is something that will forever be with me...So please help friends, please donate however you can and help us change the world just a wee bit...