Bring it....

If what I "preach" is different is beautiful, then {or than?} I better walk the walk right? It's almost as if Fate, God or whomever wants to test me...Make me prove to the world that what I want others to do, celebrate and believe in, I best be doing myself.

So bring it on...

Today Pip had her first appointment to get fitted for foot/ankle braces - Hypotonia is common in most children with Down syndrome and basically it means Pip has low muscle tone...She's "floppy" which also means when she hugs or snuggles into you, she kinda just melts...You wanna swoon, you cuddle with Pip...

So on top of the nasal feeding tube, 

eye patches,

little contacts & baby glasses, it seems Fate is not finished...

Now, Pip will be sporting these little braces {minus the cast-like look, think more of a pink butterfly finish} that hopefully will help develop her mobility. 

The process itself isn't the funniest as you need to get your child to sit, preferably still {ya right}, while they mold a cast, let it dry and carefully cut it off each foot.

Thankfully we probably had the best Orthotist out there, who I'm not joking, let Pip play and then pull her hair as hard as she wanted to keep her busy...

When Pip wasn't abusing the Orthotist, I was ramming the only thing I had in my purse, a delicious-dry-as-anything-fig bar down her hatch, or she was having a major meltdown trying to escape us...

Good times...

So, in the upcoming weeks when the braces are ready, Pip will rock them like she rocks everything and I'll keep walking the walk...

Take that Fate..


  1. She'll be so stylin', we'll all want a pair!

  2. Pip is giving the most awesome "side eye" ever in that last picture. She is a beautiful, brave girl.

  3. Anonymous14.8.14

    Tara, you are a strong everything else this is just a speed bump in Pips road. You and her both will come out on the other side smiling and giving DS the middle finger!

  4. Anonymous14.8.14

    My son has ankle braces also. While he loves them, he doesn't care for the fitting process, but that's better than a trip to the eye doctor. ..

  5. Wendy14.8.14

    Reminds me of my son, Brian, now 37 with Spina Bifida. We had to go every 2 weeks for a while getting new casts on his legs and feet. It was a battle, but it was worth it.

  6. I hear you. We got articulated AFO's this summer, and our three year old gal is not loving them. She takes them off every chance she gets. On one hand I'm so proud that she figured out Velcro, and on the other hand I'm frustrated because she needs to keep them on, to get used to them, so they can help her. She doesn't understand though. I just found your blog today, and while our daughter's issues are different, it seems that in many ways our path's are all too similar. Best of luck. Carrie