"Dance with me Momma"

Dear Noal...

My darling, outrageously funny little boy, today you are three...And as I sit here trying to write you a letter, I'm looking at pictures and videos of the last 3 years with tears of pure joy, giggles from deep inside and so much gratefulness that you are mine...You, my little Noal make our family, you have so very much of my heart and we are not a HomeTeam without you...

I honestly can't believe how the years, days, minutes have flown with you by my side...I also find it hard to remember what my life was like before I had you...You came and all of a sudden my world made so much more sense.

I quite simply adore being your momma. I adore watching you become this person who sometimes takes my breath away.

I love your audacious fearlessness in life whether that be how you jump off the couch or light up a room.

I love your hilarious wittiness and how you seek out trying to make others laugh. 

I love your spunky spirit and confidence and I hope you never lose that.

I love your stubborn-as-an-ox attitude {except at bedtime} and how strong-willed you're going to be. 

I love your creative imagination and all that runs through that funny little mind of yours...

I also love your sweet little soul and how you care about the ones you love.

I have no doubt you will grow into such a beautiful person & a happy soul. I love you son, so very, very much. It actually hurts when I think about how much. I don't even know if that makes sense but once you become a momma it's like you love so hard it hurts. 

So on this day, your third birthday instead of telling you everything you like {cars, animals & Franklin}, or what your favourite food {pizza} is, I just actually want to thank you.

Thank you first of all for making me a momma  - I always talk about how much your sister has changed me because of all that has happened, but really I owe it all to you...You made me a momma, made my heart love more than I possibly thought it could, took away {part} of my selfishness, made me look at life, my purpose and what I'm here for more clearly and most importantly you taught me to always want to dance.

Everyday you say, "Dance with me momma" whether we are in our living room, the car, grocery store or a park. It's one of the absolute greatest lessons you've taught me in life - To truly live in the present, enjoy every moment and if you feel like dancing, have at er...

So, thank you son for teaching me to become a better person every day. 

And I promise to dance with you any time, any place and at any moment you want. Forever,

I love you Noal...

Love mum

Thanks to my family, our amazing friends and the person who makes the best chocolate cake in my life for making his day a special one...When I kept asking Noal what kind of party he wanted, all he would ever say was "a chocolate cake party" - So that's exactly what he got...

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