1. "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Bloody Why? Oh wait WHY?"
Noal has entered the "Why-Stage" of an almost 3 year old with a vengeance...Any & everything gets asked why these days.

"Noal you have jam on your face" - "Why Momma?" - "From eating your toast" - "Why Momma?" - "Well sometimes a jam or peanut butter moustache just means there was too much goodness for the toast to handle, so it had to share with your face" - "Ahhhh, you get a moo-sta-coo too Momma?" - "No thanks Noal" - "Why Momma?"

2.  "No you do"
Don't know if this is some kind of shadow stage but whatever I ask Noal results back with a "No you do"...Noal do you want to go potty? No you do Momma....Noal do you want to play cars? No you do Momma..

"No you have a cute jam moustache" - "NO YOU DO MOMMA"

3. "I'm scared"
Out of no where my fearless toddler has all of a sudden become "scared" when he wants to be. Pip will touch him and he'll look over at me and say, "She scare me Momma, Pip try to scare me"....Or I'll tell him to try a bite of a strawberry and he'll say, "Can't strawberry too scary"...

"Noal look at me you have the cutest jam moustache, I'm gonna send Daddy a pic" - "No Momma I'm scared, Daddy no want pic, he scared of jam moo-sta-coo"

And there you have it Noal's 3 new kinda cute and kinda annoying all at once stages brought to you by an adorable jam moustache...