I will never forget when my best friend told me her little boy had cancer...I still feel totally surreal even writing those words...

I felt completely helpless but wanted to do something - I needed to find a way send all the love & strength I felt to him. So, I asked Happy Soul Project friends if anyone was willing to make and donate a super-I'm-going-to-kick-cancer's-arse cape. 

And because of the overwhelming response, just like that Happy Soul Project started a new initiative to give out capes to kids battling cancer...And what started out as a few kids, turned into hundreds - We have now given out more than 400+ Kick-it-Capes around the world.


We also found that it's not just kids with cancer that benefit from one of our capes - So we've been giving them to siblings who are going through their own struggles having a brother or sister sick, children facing any type of serious illness or vast difference that needs an extra dose of super-hero strength. 

So, because the need is so great, we constantly have children on a waiting list, we desperately need your help...

You can donate capes, fabric, moula, start a sewing bee, get friends or schools on board - Anything to help get a cape in our hands & wrapped awesomely around a kid who needs it. And to donate & buy a child, whether you know them or not, a cape click HERE. And for those that want to make and send capes see our FAQ below and thank you for helping make someone else's day a wee bit brighter. 

Who can make them?
Ummm, absolutely anyone...The more the better - More people involved, more capes going out, more smiles on kids faces. 

Where do I sent them?
Please mail them to:

Happy Soul Project
Taylor Kidd RPO Box# 20014
Kingston, Ontario
K7P 2T6

What colour, size, pattern do I use?
I want our capes, like Happy Soul Project to reflect and celebrate differences...So just like every kid is different, so than should our capes...There is no set pattern - This is your chance to get creative. Make a cape that you love and know that someone receiving it will love it too.

I can't sew but want to help?
Glad you asked because help is what I need...Here's some ideas:

  • Donate moula - just a wee bit...It would help with shipping cost and other items we add to care-packages for some kids who receive our capes. You can do that HERE
  • Organize an event, party, or something in which people must donate a cape to attend.
  • Rally a local sewing club, school class or all the crafty people you know to get involved.
  • Umm did I say send some moula? Ya that would be cool and help to buy some of these kiddos a little something extra to send with their capes.

Can I nominate a kid to receive a cape?
YES YES YES...We want to help as many kids as we can and the more personal the better. To nominate a kiddo either:

  • Email me at and in the subject line state it's a nomination. Make sure to give me the child's name and where the capes should be sent to.
  • Leave a comment here on the blog

When do you need the capes by?
This will be an ongoing initiative for Happy Soul Project...Whatever capes we receive I promise I will find a home around some little kiddo's neck who needs them...So send them now, send them later, send them whenever you want and can.

What else can I do?
You can share some of these pictures to help spread the news about what we are doing...More and more I am seeing the power behind social media and you never know who can help and who sees what. So share, share, share and hope that whomever sees this finds a way to help.

Okay sweet friends, I want to absolute thank you with everything I got for having kind and generous hearts and helping to add a bit of happiness to the planet...


  1. I have nominated this as a potential for our new networking/civic action group "Kingston Women in Action." Let's see what we can get done for this!

  2. Absolutely LOVE need to check out the blog: Though Kristen has passed, her beautiful mom makes blankets for children who are in the hospital as well as decorating trees at Christmas to benefit children who are battling cancer. I bet she would love to make some capes :)

  3. My niece is 3 months old and was diagnosed with a very aggressive snd rare form of cancer when she was 2 months. She has been undergoing surgeries and blood transfusions and chemo. This is an amazing project snd I am so grateful for people like you!! Thank you for doing this.

  4. Going to start sewing tomorrow... would you recommend velcro for the fastener?

  5. This is amazing! I am honoured that I have a reader using my super hero cape pattern for this project. I'd love to feature Kick-It-Capes on my blog - would you be interested?

    1. Hiya Sherri....Yes that would be amazing....Let's chat ...

  6. I would love to nominate my son for a kick it cape. He is 17 months old, with down syndrome and just diagnosed 10 days ago with Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia. He vegan his aggressive chemo last week. My son is a fighter and I know will beat this. Follow his journey on facebook at

    1. I would love to send him one- Can you email me at

  7. florine pennell22.3.15

    Hi Tara - I've been asked by a Happy Soul fan if she could donate her sewing machine to the Kick it Capes program. Karen Wells Rosa lives in Whitby. I can arrange a pickup/drop off if you like but wonder if there's a proper "Happy Soul" way to accept/deny an offer like this.

  8. florine pennell22.3.15

    Hi Tara - A Happy Soul fan in Whitby would like to donate her sewing machine to the kick-it cape program. Should I have her contact you? Is there a proper way to accept/deny a donation like this? I'd be willing to arrange a pick up/drop off if it's as easy as that.

  9. Hi Tara. I would like to nominate my daughter, Charlotte, for a kick-it cape. She has down syndrome and was diagnosed last monday with leukemia (ALL). She just turned 3years old (on Easter Sunday) and is definitely a fighter, for sure.

  10. Hi Tara,
    I'm a grade three teacher in Kemptville, Ontario and started following your journey last year and think you are one inspiring mama! I have a students whose two year old brother has been battling cancer since his first year of life. He and his awesome sister are both fighters and would be such great little candidates for your capes. Am I able to purchase these or is there a waiting list (understandable). Thanks so much :-)

    1. Hiya Kylie - Can you send me an email at

  11. I run a drapery business and have a ton of leftover fabrics that could be donated to this, let me know if you want it at

  12. Hi Tara,
    I nominated my daughter about a month ago with a form but I don't think it went through as I never for an email. My daughter is a two year old whom was diagnosed with retinoblastoma.