Just Cause....Pip in a Box

I know I'm over-the-top when it comes to taking & posting pics of my hooligans...But reality just hit hard when I realized I posted on Happy Soul Project's Facebook Page FIVE pics of Pip in a box...FIVE...Momma needs to reign er in...

And by reigning it in, I meant I will now post all the ones I want to continue to post on Facebook here.... 

Shoot there is soon to be 6 pics of Pip in a box on Facebook, I mean how could I not post this last one? 

I need help, I know...

Happy Love Day Friends...


  1. Anonymous14.2.14

    Tara, thank you for sharing you beautiful life with us! I love every pics of your hooligans! Post on my friend!!!! Post on!!! <3 <3 <3
    -Toni from Minneapolis

  2. Anonymous14.2.14

    Love love love your pics! Lil Pip is beyond adorable and sooo precious! I will never get sick of seeing pics!! ♥

  3. Anonymous14.2.14

    So photogenic!!!

  4. Never apologize for Pip in a box pics :) She is adorable and the tutu is to die for! Happy Valentines to your clan from ours!

  5. Just came across your story in the local paper - my mind is blown at how small the world is because you've been popping up on my instagram news feed the past few weeks too! Anyways - just thought i'd say "HI!" and that I love this project! I have an Aunt with Down syndrome who is probably my favourite person in the whole world, so I love seeing stories like this! My Aunt is one of my biggest inspirations in life and now I'm in my 2nd year of my masters of occupational therapy at Quee.n's! Little Pip is absolutely gorgeous (even when in a box!).

  6. Oh my goodness she's cute!!! I'm a student of Psychology and Children and I LOVE seeing someone work so hard to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.
    <3 the one where she has her mouth on the box! LOL!

  7. Anonymous19.2.14

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!