What was harder to pick out than my own Wedding Dress?

I'm one of those girls who knew going in, exactly what kind of wedding dress I wanted...I'm also one of those girls who wore the first dress she tried on...Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am...Done & done...

~Photo by Karitas Photography~

With picking out my 1 year old's first pair of glasses however, it was a completely different scenario...I went right crazy - how most girls do about a wedding dress - I went to every single Optician in town, I ordered & cancelled numerous pairs, I made Pip try on at least 25 different kinds, I surveyed my friends, I took a zillion photos {shocker}, I seeked out advice from other moms who picked out their little's first pair, I even had the balls to order a pair from one Optician only to later cancel by phone at another Optician's office, to then turn around and cancel on them & return back to the first Optician...And to boot, to the very first pair of glasses...

Yep you read that right...I ended up going after 2+ weeks of searching, seeking & shopping with the very first pair she tried on...Just like my wedding dress...Except with way more stress...

I just found picking her first pair excruciating hard...We knew since her first eye surgery, when she was only 5 weeks old the day would come when she would need glasses...However, the docs had hinted more around the age of 4ish- So not only was I kind of knocked out weeks before when I was told she needed them now, but I felt like it was such a huge decision...

I was so torn because in all reality it would change her look completely...It's her face, her darling little face that has already been so bogged down with so much...At first a bloody eye patch that has to be worn every day and then a feeding tube for months on end & now big, old specs...

The original pair came in about a week before Pip's first birthday, but in vain I didn't want her to wear them before her Tea Party...Now a month later, I can say I was being silly & if anything they make her even more adorable...But at the time I just wanted her to be the Pip I knew for the year, celebrating her as is...

I finally mom-upped & got the glasses the day we celebrated her birthday with family...Watching her look around & I guess, essentially "see" for the first time was something special...It kicked my vanity, worries & all else to the curb within seconds, I'll tell ya...Watching her "see" things I knew she couldn't before was actually really quite a moment I'll remember always...

We decided to get Noal a pair too {popped out lens in a pair of sunglasses} to help teach him about Pip's glasses & get everyone use to the idea...Of course Noal then asked where Mummy & Daddy's glasses were, so now we are that family that sits around with no-lenses-specs...Awesome...

Now a month later, it's mostly Noal who insists we wear them because it's "porta for Pippy" - translation : Important for Pippy- something I told him over and over which is now gonna bite me in the arse...If you see me wearing a broken, down pair of reading glasses with no lenses at the grocery store, with my two little sidekicks in their specs, just know I'm doing it for a reason...

We went with Miraflex for Pip's first pair for a couple reasons:

1. Noal- yep, that's right...Those that have met my two year old know why this is the number 1 reason...He means well but can be rough & no one has the moula to be cashing out pair after pair because their sibling broke their glasses.

2. A frame that would stay on as it's important for developing her vision- Also a frame that would cover a bigger portion of her eye as she has a stigma as well.

3. A frame that as she learns to crawl/walk/ etc if she hits her face/nose wouldn't hurt her.

4. The advice of Pip's eye surgeon and other parents with babies in specs...

So, while it still kinda looks like she is going to play squash or racketball in her goggles, I am really started to fall in love with the look of my four-eyed baby gal...

It's almost to the point where it feels weird and not her with them off...And as an added bonus she looks ridiculously, outrageously cute rocking her big-round-granny-frames...


  1. Anonymous9.1.14

    Your little ones brighten my day!!
    Pip's smile is so contagious ♥
    What a clever idea to have Noal wear glasses as well. They are both adorable!!
    Great choice in glasses, way to go Mama.

  2. Robyn RuLo9.1.14

    First of all, I want to say thank you for writing your blog. I happened upon it a couple of weeks ago, while searching online. Our niece Ruth, is 1 1/2 and was born with Down Syndrome (she is going to be a big sister at the end of this month) I have really enjoyed reading your prospective, and find it truly refreshing!

    As far as Pip's frames go, I think you did a great job choosing them. They suit her well, and she looks adorable! Our daughter, who just turned 10, had to get reading glasses. Thankfully, she is old enough to choose her own frames (pink of course), other wise I would have probably been in the same boat as you!

  3. Anonymous9.1.14

    Your story so sweet. We all want what's best for our kiddos. The fact that you and Pip had already had endured so much other stuff, I can completely understand your indecisiveness. Your a fantastic mom and sorry to say but the choices we have to make about our special little ones never gets any easier.
    All I can say is don't stress just do what you can and don't second guess yourself. Your her mom, you will know what is right. I promise you will feel it in your heart if you take the time and listen.
    Your children are so blessed having you as a mother.

  4. Such a sweet blogpost! Love her in her glasses and now we have the story behind it too! ♥

  5. I love this! My two oldest sons are both hearing impaired and wear hearing aids full time. When they were first diagnosed, the vain part of me was so worried what they would look like, I even questioned if I would have them wear them in family pictures and what-not. I almost can't believe I EVER thought that, for even a second. Their "ears" as we call them are so much a part of who they are that it's weird when they have them out just before bed. I love their ears and so do they and so does their little sister, I think most of the time she feels left out. Pip's glasses are darling!

  6. Indeed it is lovely to see the little baby girl having fun with glasses..Excellent post..