Pssst....Have you heard?

Day three friends of the "31 for 21" Challenge & I found lots of inspiration for today's Awareness pic from these two cuties...

Pip's friend Lochlan has been on Happy Soul Project before {HERE} & watching our two little babes starting to hit milestones, comparing therapy sessions & really just having a friend who is walking the walk with me is something I am beyond grateful for...Just an added bonus that Lochlan's mum is hilarious, kind & my kinda-gal...

Cheers to celebrating our two little bums & their extra little chromosomes...


  1. Anonymous3.10.13

    what beautiful babies!

  2. Anonymous4.10.13

    Lochlan's Nana LOVES these pictures. Both Pip and Lochan are a-do-ra-ble little munchkins. Hugs and kisses to them and to their Mommies.