"Love Is The Best Thing You Can Wish For" -Pip's shirt

A bunch of you lovely people have been asking for a Pip update since her surgery...And try as I might to respond to y'all, life gets in the way - So this is the easiest way to let everyone know she's doing A.W.E.S.O.M.E...

We all knew she was a determined, little fighter & she's right back to being her happy, sassy, peaceful self...Her eye is healing better than the docs expected & they have ruled out issues that could have appeared...It still means weekly appointments, patching & the such but all is good in order to help this little mouse see...

In the end she will still need numerous eye surgeries, glasses & who knows what else but the important thing is we {Big ShoutOut to her doc...She has been phenomenal & I can't imagine this whole process without her} are doing all we can to give her vision...And come on, she can rock a patch, so imagine how bloody cute she will look in a pair of specs...

As for her other therapies & such- She is seeing OT, PT & Speech next week as well as a feeding specialist...While she seems interested in eating, she is a professional at blowing raspberries instead of actually swallowing any food...So big old mumma is still exclusively breast feeding & I'm happy to say Pip is chunking up regardless...Love finally see some big old rolls on her...

So all in all, it seems like Pip is striving...Well any mumma wishes for a "healthy baby" when pregnant, I think having one who wasn't per say "healthy" has made me realize "Love really is the best thing you can wish for"...

Way to rock out that message Pip... 


  1. What a sweetie! May I ask? What is the actual problem with her eyes? Our son had many eye surgeries too and can see well now with glasses. Hope is there and she will be able to see!

  2. Exxxceellllent.
    That is all.

  3. Wonderful pictures and words yet again. I feel I know you a little bit now, from following your posts, so warmest wishes from England,


  4. Thanks for sharing that amazing little photo shoot, Tara.Wonderful pics and update.<3

  5. Thanks for sharing Tara!! This little girl has soooo many people loving her. She makes our hearts smile!! :)

  6. And Shari...Pip has congenital cataracts...Her one eye has been operated on & eventually her other will follow...

    1. Yes, Tara, our son had the same thing. He is doing well now with glasses. Don't lose hope!