Love is Love...Regardless!!!

I've always been one to speak my mind and share my thoughts...I've also always been one to stand up for what I believe..Whether that was being a way-over-the-top-bible-thumping-go-getter-Christian in my early teens or in situations like I am in today...

As mentioned before, I grew up in a Christian household- My family raised me with Christian values, & my Papa was actually a preacher, so the foundation was there stretching back generation from generation...In my early teen years though I took it to a whole new level- Engulfed in "youth groups", "retreats" & the such, it went from the values/principles my family taught me to "aggressively pushing, believing for that matter, my beliefs on others" - Looking back now I feel like I got so involved with all that {my circle of friends & my boyfriend at the time we're all a part of it} that I didn't see beyond it...It's actually something in life I regret most- Being so blinded by it, that I couldn't see what else the world was offering at the time...

Fast forward a few years, rebellious years to be honest, in which I tried to "discover" it all on my own...Throw in a few more years of traveling the world, meeting & seeking out people with different beliefs...Put in some really-make-you-think-about life/death moments like sitting beside my father-in-law as he passed away...Add in the miracle of having children and for an added bonus, one that had to fight for her life numerous times....And you get what I believe now....

I believe that there is a God and I believe "God" is different for every single person on the planet...What a Catholic Nun feels as God is different than what the old lady weeping in the pew feels...What a Jewish mother believes is God is different than what a Muslim Father believes...What a Baptist Pastor knows as God is different than what a Buddhist monk feels is God...What I feel, think, know as "my God" is beautiful to me because it is mine...What God is to my mother is just as beautiful because it is hers...What God is to others doesn't, shouldn't matter to YOU- It's their God!!! Whether that's Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Fate, Karma, Nature- WHATEVER...Point is "God" is mine, yours, theirs & different to all of us!!!

You could find "God" in the beauty of nature, or in a song that touches you beyond words...You could feel a stirring in your heart seeing your baby girl getting operated on or sitting in a pew hearing words that resonate to you...You can find peace in knowing yourself, being connected to something greater than yourself or in seeking out help in others...For each and every person finding "God"- that love, peace, refuge is different and I for one love the beauty in that....

All that being said, Happy Soul Project is not about negativity, confrontation or judging...However, I am writing this post for the record for y'all to know LOUD & CLEAR- I am 100% a believer in God, Fate, Karma, Equality & LOVE....That means I believe everyone has a right to believe what they want, love who they want & become who they want to be based upon all of that...

Surprisingly, I have received a few messages & comments about my LAST POST- Comments that I won't publish on the blog because I don't want an ongoing debate and messages I will not respond to personally...People have wrote asking how I can believe in God & condone "that awful behaviour" of being gay & quoting scriptures....Some wrote that I am suppose to be an example of what a "Christian" is and that my blog should be used as a platform. Others warned me that because of what I wrote and my beliefs, I will lose or a lot of followers/readers will "walk away" from the blog...

Walk...Please Sweet Jesus, Walk...Walk away from me, from Happy Soul Project & please don't ever send or make comments of that sort again...

Yes, my blog is a platform and here's what it's preaching once again: LOVE IS LOVE!!! Regardless...

My mind will never change about this...My heart will always feel this way- And I'm sorry to lose you but please walk away...

Big tip in life folks- Live your life without judging & see how much happiness comes of it...Why should you even care who loves who? Focus on loving who you need to love in your own life & less on who others should or shouldn't be...

So, to those who will be walking away from Happy Soul Project- I wish you well, hope you change your mind & open your hearts and see the beauty in the differences we all have...


  1. Elizabeth Smith-Roberston11.7.13

    Well said once again Tara!! I for sure will not be one to walk away as your words and honest hardcore truths help me get through some of my roughest days! Keep updates on Happy Soul, it does good for alot of people.

    Love, ELizabeth Smith-Robertson

  2. Bonnie Ella11.7.13

    AHHH You're Awesome LOL

  3. Anonymous11.7.13

    Tara, you will get many negative comments.... I read Noah's dad... Some people just like to critize and give people hard time. I wish they walk away your blog and let us have a peaceful platform that we can share our thoughts. Life is short. We don't need any drama or negative people around.

  4. Nicole Godin11.7.13

    Nicely done Tara!! Some people are just so closed minded they can't see all the beauty in life.. It always amazes me how people can be so negative.Believe in what you believe in and keep the posts coming

  5. Erica11.7.13

    My thoughts and sentiments exactly no one has the right to judge anyone regardless!!! there would be less problems in the world if we just accepted the differences and uniqueness around all of us and embraced it... Love you for speaking your great and mind as usual flawless writing!!! Keep it up T.

  6. Shannon11.7.13

    Couldn't have said it better myself :) Love your blog

  7. Tammy11.7.13

    Cheers to that!! Very well put Tara!

  8. Taryn11.7.13

    I didn't read what others said in your previous post. I do have to say that reading what you post helps me be a better Mom to my little ones. It helps me remember to enjoy the little things and to be true to me and to them. I love your sense of humour and how real you are.
    Happiness is something I am looking for in my own life, and I must say everyone finds their own happiness differently.
    As for differences....and people who don't believe in equity....your statements were PERFECT! I hope the good LORD softens their hearts. Keep doing exactly what you are doing! I am glad we connected!

  9. Mandy Jay11.7.13

    Love your blog. Love is Love. Keep doing your thing! xo

  10. Anonymous12.7.13

    Well said Tara! Some people, unfortunately, can't be fixed. Continue your writing and beliefs--your true followers love it and are here for you. Jill

  11. June Livingston17.7.13

    Sooo well said! Love is love, sorry that you got haters! Sad for them really, that they choose to judge others, such a time waster. I'm with you, true happiness comes when you have no expectations from others, live for yourself & those who matter to you, but have compassion for everyone, no one can know how someone else is feeling or what challenges they are facing! :>)

  12. Anonymous17.7.13

    I love your openness and acceptance of other people, and I agree that we have not the right to judge others, but I do believe that the omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient Living God that loves you has given us laws to live by. It's nice to think about an "I'm okay, you're okay" God who is there to fit into whatever capacity we allow Him in our lives, but I think that the God you describe doesn't even belong in the same sentence as the Great I am. God as you describe him is a universalist, and he seems very politically correct and a bit of a coward. You claim to be a person who isn't afraid to stand up for her beliefs, but if you believe in everything, then you may as well believe in nothing at all.

  13. Nicole17.7.13

    Just read your blog. You ended it asking for feedback on how we felt. I want to tell you am incredibly proud to know you. I am so thankful for your honesty and willingness to be open and real. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of those of us God fearing folk that think outside of the box and love people for who they are, not who we think they should be. Thank you. Keep being you. I'm for sure not going anywhere.

  14. Sarah B.18.7.13

    I think it is shows great integrity for you to speak clearly and honestly about your beliefs and values in the face of threats that you would loose readers. Choosing to have a blog is choosing to share part of yourself with as many strangers as happen to show up. How honestly and how much you share is up to you. As readers we take those pieces add them to our imagination and assumptions to come up with a picture of who you are. Inevitably some people will make assumptions that allow them to imagine you to be just like them, and when they find out that some part of you differs from their vision of "Tara" they may respond angrily. This is there reaction and their problem. I respect your choice to use your voice and speak your truth,rather than to fall silent.

  15. Thanks everyone for the feedback...Much LOVE- love hearing from y'all- And glad to hear a lot of you feel as I do- Kinda validates my thinking a bit...And those that had a different opinion- I respect what you're saying- thanks for sharing...

  16. Anonymous26.6.15

    I am going to print and read this every day...what a wonderful post.

  17. Anonymous27.6.15

    LOVE your support to us. I can only hope that one day in this world we will have to hate towards anyone. Keep spreading your message of Love and acceptance everyday!!