She makes the best prezzies...Honestly...

One of my closest friends Muls who made this lovely little "R" for Pip's room has always been the friend to bring out the crafty side in me {and alot of other sides!!!}

Her gifts throughout our friendship have always been some of my favourites in life...For our engagement prezzie she took one of my fav pics of Craig & I {one that I hadn't seen in years & was from the long lost time of printing pictures out so had no digital copy} & turn it into something special, for our wedding she forever imprinted "loving & learning" {only she will know what this means} and for my last birthday she made the absolute cutest most amazing prezzie yet...

How thoughtful, unique & special is this...She made me, Noal & Pip - Happy Soul Project shirts!!!! {Pics are from a week before Pip's heart surgery when Muls came to visit- Can't believe the difference in Pip then to now}

I absolutely adore them Muls...Big ShoutOut to you for always surprising me with the best presents...Love you for being so creative & special...


  1. Love you!! they look adorable :) Let's do a "Happy Soul Project Etsy" shop...we can sell them! You have so many people who believe in you and your message is truly heart touching and inspirational..not only will they look great, but they will spread awareness :) ...side note, I will prepare a package for ellen...she'll sport this one day...

  2. Haaaaa if Ellen ever wore a Happy Soul Project sweatshirt I'd just about die...Always hope right? LOVE YOU

  3. Anonymous21.2.14

    I would love reading glasses made like Pip's so that I can't lose them - in lovely purples and pinks! Just thinking out loud here in Ireland. ♥

  4. Anonymous10.4.14

    Find someone to make Pippi style glasses for adults - you would make a million. Us adults keep losing them. ♥