My heart dropped cause I got the call...

Well it happened...I got the call...The anticipated yet dreaded call from CHEO {Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario} arranging for Reids heart surgery...Heres the thing, I was under the impression that they wanted her to be as big & strong as could be, I didnt realize as soon as she hit over the 5 kilogram mark it was go time...I mean I knew this day would come, I just didnt realize it would be in the next few weeks...

My mind is spinning to be honest- about everything...We meet next week with the team of surgeons to discuss her options & the risks & all that jazz...At that time they will also be sedating her to do a bunch of ultrasounds, an echo cardiogram & other fun filled test. Thats all I know until then...Medically speaking I guess...
Personally speaking I know a few things...I am one terrified, anxious, worried little mumma...I had a little breakdown when the hubs got home & I tried to tell him about the call...Its just all a bit overwhelming at times.
I have pretty much "hunted down" anyone who I can find who has been through this- Other mums, bloggers & friend's through Down syndrome groups...I've asked as much as I could to prepare myself...Or as Craig likes to call it, "I've Barbara Walter's" them....The one thing that seems to be consistent is that everyone claims after the surgery "it's like a different baby" and that their "so much more alive"...So, hoping I can be among those mums/bloggers/friends who can one day say that about my little Reid...I just keep staring at her, willing everything to be okay & holding her as much as I physically can...
Today the hubs let me sleep in {till 7:45 folks, dont get too excited that is sleeping in these days} & I just held her in bed, enjoying the moment with only her...Those moments are rare, as Noal usually is hanging on to me or wanted to hold his "Reeeee"...So, I got to soak up as much of my Reid as I could before my mind wandered too far & I wanted to weep...I stopped it before I went there, gave her as many kisses as I could & prayed  to Sweet Jesus that all will be well & I can spend many a mornings doing just this...
So, once again friends please keep my darling Reid in your thoughts these upcoming weeks...And maybe send up one or two for me so that I dont have a nervous breakdown...


  1. Erika7.4.13

    Sending Hugs and Well Wishes!! Reid and your whole family will be in our families thoughts and prayers. She is already a strong fighter like her Momma.. SHE WILL pull thru this and it will be one more story to talk about when shes older!!!
    Lean on your fellow Momma's and ask for help and have a cry when needed. Soon this will all be behind you!! *Hugs*

  2. OH man. The fear of those days was so palpable. I couldn't do much but hold my girl either. Yesterday was her 2 year anniversary of OHS. So crazy how far she's come from those days. I know you've probably looked up lots of information and seen tons of blogs. I guess my best advice is to have the people you love and who can help calm you down around you. Try very hard to sleep when you can. Let people take care of you a bit while you care for your girl. Having a lot of people thinking and praying for us was so helpful for me. I posted updates on my blog throughout the day so people would know what was happening. It was so nice to feel all that love coming her way and helping hold us up. If you haven't checked it out, my blog has a page with links to a lot of OHS posts, etc. that I compiled for parents going through this.

  3. Anonymous7.4.13

    Prayers Prayers Prayers for Reid and your family. You sound like a very strong woman. God will get you all through this. God Bless!

  4. Anonymous7.4.13

    Since the first time I heard of your baby Reid I have never stopped praying for her, you, your husband and Noal. Please know you are all prayed for every morning. I have prayed for Reid to gain weight and was so happy to hear that she has. I have prayed for her heart to return to normal size. I just now put my hand on the screen of my computer where the picture of Reid is and prayed over her for strength during surgery. I have prayed for the surgeons to have wisdom and guidance beyond their own understanding. I believe the God has your Reid in his care. He loves her and he loves you and your family. I pray the day of her surgery that he is going to give you such a peace that you won't understand it. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  5. ((hugs)) and wishes for a smooth surgery and recovery! Samantha was 4 months old when she had her surgery to repair a complete AV canal defect. I found that looking at post-op photos on the web, wherever I could find them, really helped prepare me for what I would see, what to expect. It can be quite jarring. Handing her over to the nurses was totally the hardest thing. Oh, and see if your hospital has parent sleep rooms. Ours were very limited in number, so you had to sign up early every day in hopes of getting one so you could be close by every night. My husband and I took turns, with the other of us staying at Ronald McDonald House. Hang in there, stay strong, and give that sweet baby lots of hugs and kisses from me, too!! :-)

  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts & for sharing in your experiences...That helps me BIG TIME...

  7. Anonymous8.4.13

    Just want to say I'm thinking about you guys lots....
    I'm so glad you have this massive circle of support, it's only fitting as you and Cally are the kind of people who would help out others at all costs.
    If Reidster has half your gusto, (we've already seen she's an ultimate fighter...!) she'll push through with flying colours! Sending love and hugs to you all

    Pone xo

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