Pip + Heart Surgery = One worried, scared & hot mess of a mumma

Well God, Fate, Sweet Jesus, Ellen or whomever doesn't seem to want to be on our sides lately...First, Reid has a little miracle, then it gets snatched away...Then we are given hope that Reid is a candidate for a less envasive heart surgery & like our little miracle that too gets snatched away...Have to say I'm getting a little mad at this game...

So, we finally got the call from CHEO/SickKids & the outcome isn't what we were crossing our fingers so tightly for...Looks like Reid will have to have heart surgery where they go in through her chest- This just means a bigger surgery, longer recovery & hospital stay & harder on our little mouse...But if anyone can do this, Pip can...She's proven over & over already in her short little life that she's our fighter...

However, Pip's mumma isn't nearly as strong...Had myself some major meltdowns yesterday...When the surgeon told me, I started crying & you could tell she was just so uncomfortable & wanted to get me off the phone as soon as she could- Had one hell of a day trying to wrap my head around what this means for Reid & my little family...Then later in the day I got another call, telling me they would like to do this ASAP & have Reid scheduled for surgery MAY 2nd!!!! Hello, that's in a week...

Had myself a good old cry & when my sweet little Noal came over & just crawled up in my arms for a hug- I could barely keep myself together...Just so many emotions going through my head...I mean forget about all the fears/worries I have for my daughter...All the stress & sleepless nights I'm about to endure...I'm dreading being away from my Bubba for that long...I've only been away from Noal a few times {when Reid was born for 2 nights & one night when she was in heart failure in the hospital- all the other nights I made sure to come home to at least spend some time with him & put him to bed}...But I don't have this option as the surgery/recovery will be in Ottawa...So, not only am I dreading all that comes with Reid in this situation, but it will kill me to not be with my son...

So, expect a real hot mess of a mumma this next week leading up to her surgery...We leave on Wednesday as Reid has to be there for a bunch of pre-op test & such...

I probably won't be blogging much but will try to update y'all on Happy Soul Project's Facebook page...

Once again, friends, I beg ya to think, pray, wish, do WHATEVER good & positive thing you can, to lift up my baby girl...


  1. I'm sorry the other procedure didn't work out. I will keep your family, especially Reid, in my prayers. I know it's scary, I've been in your shoes just 4 years ago. I will be checking out your FB page for updates. Good luck!

  2. Marie Walters27.4.13

    Tara, you're a stonger person than you give yourself credit for. I don't think there are too people that could wait and watch their precious child go through surgery and not be terified and weepy. With all the prayers that are going to be lifted up for Reid, she will prove once again that she is a little miracle sent by God to touch and change so many lives all over the country. Come on Reid, put an amazement in the eyes of these surgeons as they do the surgery and watch as you bounce back to health so quickly. As your blog is shared through out the country Tara, so many people will be praying for Reid and also for strength for you and Craig as you walk through this difficult time.

  3. Anonymous28.4.13

    I will be thinking and praying for you and your little family....xoxo

  4. Anonymous28.4.13

    Many, many prayers and heartful wishes for a speedy recovery for your sweet baby. Prayers to guide the surgeon's hands and prayers to you and family for strength to get through all of this. Jill

  5. Patti Olsen28.4.13

    Tara you have proved yourself to be an amazing mom through all of this. So allow yourself all the tears you need to. There will be many of us praying for your darling little Reid and for you,Craig and Noal. I often check fb just to see how Reid is doing. She is cared for by a large community of moms and grammas who will be lifting up her little life to a loving God who will surely hear us. She will have this surgery and grow stronger and sweeter. We are all standing alongside you Tara. God bless.

  6. Anonymous28.4.13

    Hi Tara my Name is Jeannie and i have a son that is 6 going on 7 with Down syndrome He also had to have heart surgery at 5 months at sick kids it was so heart breaking for me also if you ever need to know anything or need to talk to someone that has went through the same things you are going through i am always here for another mother in need you can facebook me my full name is Jeannie Tranchemontagne and we do have a friend in common Kate Hanson msg me anytime if you would like too and good luck with everything ill be praying for your little miracle children with down syndrome are the greatest gifts we can have god bless

  7. Thanks for all the love, encouragement & strength y'all have given...Much appreciated...Jeannie, thanks for sharing your story too- That helps more than you will ever know- Not only to me but for other friends of the blog...so thank you for opening up...