These Two Together are Killing me...

Watching Noal interact with Reid has been entertaining, touching & so special for me...When I found out I was pregnant {Noal was only 7 months old} amidst the panic & shock, one thing I was excited for was how close my kids would be...When I found out Reid had Down Syndrome one of the biggest things I grieved was Noal missing out on that close brother/sister relationship...As Ive come to realize that was a unnecessary thing to grieve...Yes, it might be different than the typical sibling relationship but Ive  always been one up for different...So, its fitting than that my two little happy souls will in turn teach me just how special a sibling relationship can be...When we first brought Reid home from the hospital we had lots of vistors between our families & I think Noal truly thought that Reid belonged to them...When he realized she was ours & staying & taking up his mums time he had a little period of adjustment- That usually meant, a bit more whiny, clingy & prone to tantis...I gave him extra loving, played the big brother/big helper card & even signed him up for gymnastics to have a little date with me away from Reid one morning a week...

Now, Noal seems deeply in love with his little sister {at times}...He usually wants to hold her, always wants to kiss her goodnight, & is protective of her when I pick him up from daycare...If other kids come over to see Reid, he runs over shouting Mine, Mine, Mine& Reid, Mine...When he first started saying Reeeed I just about died...Seeing the two of them together makes me so happy in my heart...

I know every mum thinks it & Craig makes fun of me pretty much every day but come on, my kids are bloody adorable...

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  1. Anonymous12.2.13

    Yes T, your kids are adorable. Ridiculously adorable in fact. And, to top it all off, because of you and Craig, have the most beautiful souls. The world is a better place because of them. Keep the posts coming.

    K (from that remote, northern town you refer to) - Miss ya!

  2. OK, they are totally adorable. I love hearing how they love each other.

  3. Thanks for your email. I'm glad I found your blog. It's wonderful and hilarious! I just added you to my Blog-Roll. Look forward to keeping in touch from here on out!
    PS: Your kids are beautiful!

  4. Thanks Ladies...I know all mums out there think it of there kid, but the blog is pretty much a space to brag & show them off...Thanks for the support & encouragement...
    And K- miss ya too!!!