We got ourselves a miracle...Prayers, Wishbones & Positive Thoughts

I posted Reid’s story a few days ago & the response has been overwhelming...Thank you everyone who has prayed for Reid, sent a positive thought our way or even wished on a turkey bone...All of our thoughts for her seemed to be working...We got ourselves a miracle...

I brought Reid in to see the Heart Specialist regarding the hole in her heart this morning...Keep in mind the first time we saw him he was adamant that Reid would need surgery, that the hole in her heart was too big to heal or close & was advising me on what to look for if Reid went into heart failure...Devastating right?

But then the pure love of people came pouring in...Messages from all over the place- all over the world really...Reid added to prayer groups in Ireland, Canada, Australia & the States...The love & support I’ve felt in the last week has been inspiring & has lifted me up so that walking into the appointment today I had the mentality that I’d be shocked if he told me anything but her heart is healing...
And that’s exactly what happened...Her little heart is healing with all the love from all of your hearts...The hole in her heart is closing...The doc said it has closed dramatically & he’s amazed...There is no longer any fear of heart failure & if it doesn’t close completely we can now wait to do a much more minor surgery when she’s older...Thank you Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!

And thank you dear friends...Please continue to keep our precious Reid in your hearts & hope the hole closes completely...I can't tell you how happy, hopeful & inspired I am today...


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  1. Anonymous3.1.13

    Awww Tara that is AWsome news!! So happy for you guys!! She truly is a miracle and so precious...!!!! The BOS family!

  2. What incredible news !!! Absoluetly unbelievable, like I told you I truly believe that positive thoughts are a true way in healing oneself...As little Reid is now proof of this..sending lots of love your way with positive vibes...xoxo

  3. Anonymous3.1.13

    Tara, I have tears of joy pouring down my face right now! I am soooooo happy to hear this wonderful news!
    Keep up the great work Reid. You are proof that miracles do happen!!!
    All our love, Denise, Chris, Jake & Sammy

  4. milica3.1.13

    purely AWESOME!! sending you lot of hugs xoxoxo

  5. this is amazing news! Thank God! xoxo

  6. Anonymous3.1.13

    Ah, what awesome news!!!!! I've been thinking about you guys all day. I must have been feeling optimistic for a reason...to see all those pics you've been posting and how vibrant a little girl Reid is, I would have been shocked if the news had been different than what you got today. So, so, SO happy for you all :)

    Colleen and the Fam

  7. Ah Tara, this is great news. I am so happy for your family. Love, Tara (aka Gus Gus) xo xo

  8. jodi3.1.13

    that's so great GOD IS SO GOOD :) I will continue to pray for you and your family God has his hand on this situation and remember to call out to God and he will pick you up and nuzzle you in under his wing!! remember God is BIGGER then this problem!! :)



  9. Anonymous3.1.13

    BEST NEWS EVER!!! I knew that was the best wishbone wish that I ever did wish!!!
    Love you guys and couldn't be happier that sweet little Reid is in good health.

    Pone XOXO

  10. Anonymous3.1.13

    We are so excited to hear this news and look forward to hearing about Reid's progress! Thank you for sharing Reid's story with us! Dany, Mel & Marty

  11. Happy tears! Amazing news. Love you guys!