Greedy asking for another miracle? Well, so be it...

So, last week Reid had a little miracle & now I’m wondering if I ask for another am I being greedy...Her heart healing has been such a relief...This mumma bear can now sleep without worrying every second, that every little noise, is my baby girl going into heart failure...I am sooo thankful & hopeful & don’t want to bother people but it’s only for a few more weeks, so I’m going to...

Reid's eye surgery is scheduled for Jan 25th...So, until then get out those wishbones, get on your knees, send out your thoughts & polish up any lucky horseshoes...It can't hurt right? To wish or hope that her eyes can be healed too...If anything all that positive energy can help in the surgery & recovery afterwards....

If her eyes don’t heal we are in for a long road of eye surgeries, contacts, glasses & patches...The eye specialist actually looked at me and said, "You better get use to seeing me, we have a long road ahead of us, it's going to be like we're married how much we'll see each other"...Bloody hell, having one husband is enough thanks...So, for my sanity alone I'm praying her eyes have their own miracle...
My poor baby girl after the surgery, at 5 weeks old, will have to have patches over her eyes...Her beautiful, unique eyes...Did you know babies born with Down Syndrome can have “pinwheels”, little white flecks in their irises called Brushfield spots? So, Reid’s gorgeous baby blues look like she has specks of stars in them...
They are beautiful & I truly am going to miss seeing them when/if they are covered in patches...The doc wants her to wear these patches now before the surgery so that she doesn’t learn to see out of one eye...

Impossible to keep on so I’ve been pulling her little hat down over her eyes & it seems to do the trick & the doc okayed it...Plus, she seems to sleep an extraordinary amount so her little peepers are always closed...

I've been trying to look at her eyes & take as many pictures as I can now to remember what they looked like before the surgery...I'm also trying not to freak out about the fact that they will be putting out my tiny, infant daughter & the risks associated with that...

In the past week I've been contacted by other families who have children with Down Syndrome- their emails & messages have been inspiring & encouraged me to the point where I know Craig & I can do this...We can be the mum & dad, Reid needs, deserves & has to have...I've also realized in researching & talking with the specialist that complications with her heart & eyes could have been so much worst & I'm thankful for what we are now dealing with...However, I want every mumma out there- Dad too if you're reading this to hug your little girl or boy & be thankful for what you've been given...A healthy baby at this point is like gold & I never realized that when I had Noal...Yes, I was thankful for a healthy baby boy, but I never took the time to really understand, nor could I truly until now, know what it is like to not have a healthy newborn...We've seen unbelievable things in the last few weeks at all the different hospitals & doctors offices...My heart broke seeing just how unhealthy some of these little children can be...Yet, I also found strength in seeing the determination & love their parents seemed to carry for them...Be thankful friends...


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  1. Erica Takeshima10.1.13

    believe her eyes are healed Tara God is an awesome miracle worker!!! thinking of you always be strong!!!!

  2. Anonymous10.1.13

    With God, all things are possible, only're precious little God given angel is in my prayers everyday.

  3. you will all be in my prayers <3

  4. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers this week and from now forward. Your story touches my heart and your little girl is so lucky to have such strong parents.

  5. Thinking of you guys every day T. That first picture on this post is so beautiful...I can tell that she is going to be a joy and bring so much light into the lives of anyone who knows her. I love her and haven't even met her yet :)

  6. Anonymous11.1.13

    Praying extra hard for another miracle!! Stay strong mamma!

    Love The Robertson's

  7. Michele Gray11.1.13

    Hey Tara - sending many thoughts and prayers your way for Reid and your upcoming surgery. I have had the priviledge to have a downs nephew for 30 years who brings us so much joy. Will keep you in prayer always, especially for this miracle! Love Michele Gray

  8. Anonymous24.1.13

    Your blog transformation is beautiful Tara.

    I was born with my retina folded over, I remember stories about me crying as a baby in the eye doctors seat until I fell asleep from crying and the doctor would have me strapped down, my parents were distraught. At 11 my problems intensified and at 12 I had my eye removed.

    I was also hospitalized with an IV in my forehead, again strapped down, at 3 months. My parents were distraught during these times.

    What I remember from the times when I was older was just feeling so safe, even if I was nervous about a procedure it always felt like I was ok because my Mom and Dad were there and they weren't distraught in front of me.

    From what I don't remember it all sounds like sad stories from the past but my memories of growing up include parents that were always there to take me to my appt's and keep me feeling warm and safe.

    You are such a nurturing Mum, Reid feels safe because of you and Craig and Noal and all of the prayers that you have recieved on her behalf.

    God Bless