The other day I brought Noal to work for a visit....I had my first over-the-top Mumma Bear panic attack...While roaming the halls, Noal raced into another managers office...Not an issue there per say, but when he proceeded to close the door, locking himself in & thought it was the funniest thing ever, this Mumma started to freak...Thankfully the door had a window in which I could see him & the managers keys on his desk....Awesome....
Thoughts running through my head:

- Ill have to break through this window or kick down the door- Can I do that 7 mths pregnant?

- Little bugger is such a mischievous little thing...Karma really gets ya good!

- What if he finds scissors in a drawer in a desk- impossible Im sure but hello panic takes over..
He was in there close to 15 minutes while I tried to track down a master key & break him lose...the whole time he was laughing & thinking it was the funniest thing until right near the end when he started bawling and then Mumma Bear really was hustling going through what felt like a zillion keys on a key ring...Sweet Jesus, Im in for trouble with this one...Wonder what Baby Girl will be like?

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