Noal vs Baby Girl

So, this pregnancy has been so different compared with Noals...For starters with Noal I was on bed rest for a good month & went insane near the beginning whereas with Baby Girls I didnt even know I was pregnant till the 3rd month...With Noals I felt great the whole way through- gained a lot probably too much weight, but felt fantastic- I was a little bit nauseated at the beginning & didnt want to touch meat but could eat anything...With Baby Girls I have had moments where the bathroom is too far away & Ive had to puke in the kitchen garbage- Awesome! Also the thought of seafood, chicken or coffee made my insides flip...But I've been craving red meat, icecream & penny candy- Great for the baby & me I'm sure... My skin, hair & body felt great with Noal whereas with her Im breaking out constantly, my hair is outta control & my thumbs have gone completely numb & the heels on my feet are in excruciating pain...With Noals time moved slowly & I really got to enjoy every sensation of being pregnant- with hers time has flown by, shes gonna be here in 3 short months & Im so busy chasing my one year old that I have to remind myself to take moments to take er easy & feel her move...Funny how two pregnancies so close in time can be so completely different...Heres hoping she triumphs over Noal with a better labour...

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