Baby Sleeping is quite the rollercoaster...

Mummy~Hood: I thought Id update you, dear friends, on the sleep battle or as I like to call it the Sleep Rollercoaster...We got really good there for a few nights...When I put him down hed fuss for a few minutes but then be out for both naps & night time...I thought Id conquered the battle but then it took a turn...Naps became a nightmare & night time he'd go down without a fight...So it became opposite of what we started with...That happened for about a good week where he wasnt having it at naptime & it would take ages to get him down...Now, this week hes been pretty good about going to sleep for both naps & night time- a little fuss but then down...Problem now, is hes waking up between 4-5 am ready for the day- wants outta that crib...Now, this Mumma is not a morning bird to begin with but this is ridiculously early...I've tried putting him down a bit later the night before, bringing him into our bed & he'll sleep longer but then fuss more the next nap because he wants to be in our bed, I've even tried putting a blanket beside the crib & bloody sleeping on the floor with him just to catch a few more hours...This tired Mumma needs more sleep...Any advice friends?

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  1. Anonymous3.6.12

    He is old enough to remember and learn! At around eight months, I always just layed my kids down, kiss them and left them alone, if you teach them to always look for you they won't self sooth. The first night he will probably cry a while but it gets better, my kids were sleeping through the night and naps no problem within a week! Also when he wakes up early and is ready to go just lay him back down, he can play or sleep, it's up to him, mine always just get bored and go back to sleep! Every kid is different but good luck with my tricks!

  2. Anonymous3.6.12

    Hey T
    From here on in, routines (not the ones you will like) can be very easily established if you let them,so you really need to be the adult in the equation and set boundaries (children, even babies need rules and boundaries to feel safe and to understand their world)...yes it will cause some anguish but will be worth it in the end. For example, several years ago we babysat a little guy who was about 18 months at the time and who slept with his parents every night. My only stipulation was that he would not be sleeping with us. The first night, he cried for about 10-15 mins while I rubbed his back and sang to him. The second night, same thing but only for about 5 min. The 3rd night he was trying to climb into the playpen and went right to sleep. He slept for the next 10 days without a fuss in the playpen. He returned to his parents, spent 2 nights in his crib and when he fussed the 3rd night, they put him in bed with them and there he stayed until he was 5 years old. SO, a little pain is worth the gain. Of course he will have times that he is fussier than others, not feeling well etc. I guess the bottom line is ...if you allow a behaviour to develop, are you willing to live with it. Although not necessarily related to your current issue, I would suggest that you read Bringing up Bebe written by Pamela Druckerman. I read this recently and thought it would be helpful for all new parents (and grandparents). Like an animal can sense fear, a baby can sense a lack of conviction, so be consistant and lovingly firm.

  3. Thanks ladies...appreciate the advice...