Mummy~Hood: I thought Id update you, dear friends, on the sleep battle or as I like to call it the Sleep Rollercoaster...We got really good there for a few nights...When I put him down hed fuss for a few minutes but then be out for both naps & night time...I thought Id conquered the battle but then it took a turn...Naps became a nightmare & night time he'd go down without a fight...So it became opposite of what we started with...That happened for about a good week where he wasnt having it at naptime & it would take ages to get him down...Now, this week hes been pretty good about going to sleep for both naps & night time- a little fuss but then down...Problem now, is hes waking up between 4-5 am ready for the day- wants outta that crib...Now, this Mumma is not a morning bird to begin with but this is ridiculously early...I've tried putting him down a bit later the night before, bringing him into our bed & he'll sleep longer but then fuss more the next nap because he wants to be in our bed, I've even tried putting a blanket beside the crib & bloody sleeping on the floor with him just to catch a few more hours...This tired Mumma needs more sleep...Any advice friends?