Pin Ten: I resorted to sleeping in a crib...

Mummy~Hood: Well after days of trying to get my little man down using the 5, 10, 15 method, the Baby Whisperer Pick Up/Pick down & staying in the room with a hand on his chest, nothing seemed to work...A few naps even resulted in us laying down together right beside his crib...After that I even built a little bed beside his crib with sofa cushions so he could see me but that just got him more upset and reaching out to me...God, nothing has been as difficult as hearing this little man cry, shout out Momma and reach up his arms for me to pick him up...I know it's different for every babe & every parent but for me this is my most challenging mummy moment so far...Didn't have any issues with breastfeeding, or sleeping through the night, etc...This is definately my "issue"...
Today he wasn’t having any of it- so, emotionally & physically drained I did the only thing left to do...I got in the crib...Yep that’s right- I got these short little pony legs up & over the crib rails and I snugged in right beside him...He went from a full on tanti to sleeping within seconds...Sweet Jesus, can you imagine if the crib broke? The hubs would have a fit...But, the more I’m into this Mummy~hood thing the more I’m realizing that there is not necessarily ever an answer...You do what’s right for you & your babe and bloody heck, if me getting in the crib to show him it’s okay a couple times does it...than I’m game...What worked for you?

If it were up to me I'd continue co-sleeping with Noal until we both seemed ready- But the question is when will that be? I definately see the advantages of getting him on a routine & into his crib but I wish more people would understand the advantages of co-sleeping...

Pin Ten: Well researching sleep training methods I came across this site on Pinterest and read this amazing information about co-sleeping:

"Research shows that when mom’s co-sleep with baby, they are so sharply attuned to baby that amazing things happen. If baby moves his head back, mom moves her head forward. If baby scootsdown, mom scoots down. This is called molding. It is actually an amazing testament to the connection between mom and baby. Mothers accommodate baby’sposition all night long. And the slightest wiggle or disturbance on the part ofthe baby results in a hovering, awake mother. This is not true however, offathers. Since fathers don’t get to spend 9 months tuning in to baby, they arenot attuned to baby while sleeping in this special way. That’s why baby shouldsleep next to mom. Research also tells us that breastfeedingmoms are especially tuned in to baby and this special relationship acts as amajor protective force while co-sleeping."
Amazing right? Either way I'm sure Noal & I will figure it out soon and again a BIG thank you to all the mums out there who offered advice...Much appreciated...

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  1. I never used a crib. Cadence slept with me in my bed on the floor. At age 1 we moved together to his room in a single mattress on the floor. At 2 we put the bed together with the box spring and a bed rail where he still is. At some point, likely around then, I started to get up after he fell asleep.For a long time he would wake up once or twice in the night and call for me (he was still nursing to sleep til 2 1/2), then around 4 maybe he started to just get up around 4am and climb in bed with me. That's where we are at now, and he is 5 1/2. Keep up the good (creative) work :). Amanda.

  2. Thanks Amanda for sharing your experience here....Every mum & babe is different- that's the beauty of it all...And I guess, the frustration also- there is no right way or manual for these little ones eh?

  3. I love this! You are a wonderful mommy! <3

  4. I love it!!! You are a wonderful mum! <3