Down syndrome Awareness

Down syndrome Awareness with Pip and Happy Soul Project

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  1. Anonymous3.7.14

    I wanted to share how your Blog has touched my heart this morning. In just some weird Happenstance I came across your blog from an article on MSN's webpage when I saw a picture of Pip's cute little face with those adorable glasses. I started reading and as tears began to well up in my eyes I thought I need to share.
    One of the most dearest people in my life is my Aunt Lou Lou, who has Downs. Coming from a single mom upbringing with both my mom and my Gramma both, my Aunt Louise was like my sister. I didn't know there was anything different about her until I was about 5 or 6 if I remember. i would tease her and she would chase me and give me a swat for being a pest,we had a special bond and still do to this day, as she just past her 55 birthday. Which is amazing all in itself as their life span can be so short due to difficult medical issues as you know. She is dealing these days with Dementia and its been taking a toll. My Mom who get out to see her regularly says it amazes her that some days she wont remember her own sister but always remembers to ask how i am and what im doing. we unfortunately feel there isn't much time left for us to share with her as it progresses quickly and each and every time we see her (as she lives in a care home facility) she is less and less the Louise we know. I know I will be devastated when that day comes that we lose her, cause she has given us a pure joy in our life. The thing that has always amazed me about Downs kids and even into their adulthood is that they are almost always so happy and full of love, and seeing that beautiful smile of Pips just warms me to the core and I do wish you all best with her and hope and pray things get a little easier for you and your family and please keep up the hard work with your Blog and the awareness it is bringing.