*2021 #DifferentIsBeautiful Calendar CALL OUT*

Every year, Happy Soul Project creates a #DifferentIsBeautiful Calendar that features children with various disabilities.

The purpose of this Calendar is to raise awareness about the beauty in differences & to teach others about accepting and celebrating the differences among us all.

Typically at this time we would be hosting a photoshoot with a group of amazing children that would appear later in the Calendar. However, the freaking pandemic has sadly made that not possible this year, BUT we still think it is important to continue raising awareness.

SO, we have decided to do something a little different this year with a special "Stay Home" Edition of the Calendar.
SO, this in an OPEN CALL OUT.
We want to see a photo of your child doing what they LOVE whether that be playing with toys, being physically active or just posing in their favourite outfit (while following physical distancing practices of course!) Be creative!!!

The Calendar will be extra special this year and we are excited to see this come together to once again be used in schools to share our #differentisbeautiful message.

Please find link to apply here:

And if you have any questions regarding this process please email Maeghan at happysoulproject@utoronto.ca.

Thank you for your interest & helping us shout from the rooftops the beauty in differences...

Please watch these to see past Calendars:

Can't wait to share this!!!

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