My girl Laurs still going strong....

Hope everyone stuffed their faces for Thanksgiving, like I did- gotta love big family get-togethers and eating...Missed having my little brother around, growing up and having lives of our own is amazing but I really miss him on weekends like this past one...

I also miss my girlfriends that I grew up with including this amazing one & Guest Blogger...Heres Laurs most recent update on her Year Free Fast Food Challenge...Keep it up proud of you...

So, here it is 9 months and counting fast food free!!! Never did I think we would make it to this point! I'm amazed. Unfortunately my boys had a run in with a chicken nugget and a few fries (not by my choice), but really it was bound to happen at some point!
It really amazes me that 3 months from now I can say we went one whole year without eating any fast food! It's honestly been pretty easy. Truthfully there have been days and times where it would truly be easier to just quickly pick up something fast like McDonald's for dinner but we even made it through the whole summer without it!

We went on vacation and our family we were traveling with pulled in for a rest stop and lunch at Wendy's...Brad and I looked at each other and went uh oh! So we just rolled our window down and said we will see you in a few minutes we are going to look for a subway! We drove and couldn't find one but we did find a Tim hortons and went in and got sandwiches and soups. I didn't feel deprived at all but actually proud that we stuck to our guns :)
As for the weight loss update I haven't lost anymore since July but am still holding at 30lbs lost and really need to get my eating back on track! I am still working out like crazy but having a hard time not eating whatever I want on the weekends. I'm kind of in a bad cycle right now of eating really good and working out all week long only to gain back the same couple of pounds I lost all week long :(. It's kind of discouraging but in no way do I plan on gaining the weight back that I have worked very hard to lose I just need to focus and get back on track to lose at least another 25lbs to be at a healthy weight.
Well I look forward to updating you all 3 months from now with amazing achievement of one year fast food free!!!

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