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Reflecting this past week on all that I am grateful for, I realize I am also really thankful for you friends who take the time out of your busy day to read my little blog...The comments or personal messages or chats you have with me regarding the blog are so much thank you...

Thank you also to all those who have helped out this little blog in some way- ideas, photos and of course my fabulous Guest Bloggers...You really bring so much more to this blog and I am thankful for each of you...Including and Introducing my newest Guest Blogger Alyssa DeJoseph....
She is one of those people that whether you know her or not you are drawn to or interested in her classic beauty & style...She is stunning & in turn makes you want to ask her a bunch of questions, like; How do you get your eyebrows so perfect? What kind of foundation do you use? What kind of skin care products or tips make your skin look so flawless? And how do you put together such chic outfits? She shares her thoughts & ideas over on her own chic blog Le Closet, and now dear friends here are some tips & tricks from the beautiful Alyssa herself...

Bonjour all T followers!
I am very excited that Tara and I decided to be each other’s guest bloggers. Tara’s blog is personal and real and I love reading up on all her mommy hood stories, tips and questions. Having no kiddo’s yet it truly makes me excited for all the fun baby experiences I may have one day.
Tara and I had some discussion about what I would talk about on her blog and beauty and skin care came up…and because I am passionate for both I decided what a great opportunity to post about just that. I find as women we are always asking each other what we are all doing as our beauty regimen or what make up steps we do every day, so I’ve put together what I use every day and little tips that go along with it.
I love fashion and creating outfits but when it comes to make up I truly stick to classic looks. I rarely wear colorful eye shadow or glitter. I do however enjoy trying out different make up looks on others. When doing make up jobs I love playing up the eyes and trying out new lip colors but for me I remain a true liner girl and always love a good red lip. Either way, like your clothes, your makeup should reflect who you are and your personality but never ever try to cover up natural beauty because that it was truly what makes us individuals.
1.   Before any make up goes on my face I make sure it’s clean and moisturized. I could go through all the steps in regards to skin care but I’ll save this one for another blog post. I also like to spray a little rosewater on my face before I begin.
2.   Concealer: I use my ring finger to dab a bit of concealer all under my eyes and around my nose and a little bit on my forehead. I don’t completely blend it in as it will blend in with foundation.
3.   Foundation: I apply foundation with either a sponge or a foundation brush. If I’m using the brush I make small strokes everywhere except for under my eyes and dab it if I’m using the sponge. In the summer I will usually mix my foundation with my sunscreen or a brightener for a sheerer look. I also usually mix two foundations together to get the right shade. The key here is to blend, blend and blend! Don’t put in too thick as it will look like you are wearing a clay mask.
4.   Bronzer: This is important as it helps to highlight the face and add a touch of glow. Don’t overdo it (trust me… been there) as it looks fake and you don’t want your face to be darker than your body. I use a powder brush and apply bronzer to the outside of my cheeks and up to my hairline, on the outside of my nose and my chin. Only apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face.
5.   Eye brows: So important! If you have unruly eyebrows make sure to brush them out and use a clear brow gel to keep them in place. If you have sparse eye brows fill in the gaps with either a brow pencil or powder. This is a personal choice. I use a powder as I find it gives a more natural look. Use small strokes and fill in anywhere you desire. Brush out when done. If you have eyebrows that have a mind of their own brush on one coat of clear brow gel.
6.   Translucent powder: I swipe a little bit of powder under my eyes so that if any extra shadow falls it will easily dust off.
7.   Liner: I rarely do eye shadow but when I do I stick to a natural color for day and darker color for night. I often use liners and will use a different one’s depending on what I’m doing and where I am going. Every day for work I line my lashes with a black eye shadow with a small angled brush, making it a bit wider at the outer corner. For a more dramatic look when I am going out at night I will use a liquid liner and make the line longer on the out corners of my eyes- which creates the famous “cat eye”. The “lush” one is like using a small paint brush and the “Stela” is like using a sharpie pen. The best advice I can give for liner and cat eyes are to practice! And if you mess up the first couple of times, don’t sweat it, dap a Q-tip in some eye makeup remover and try again.
8.   Blush: I often switch up my blush. I have a M.A.C palette with a variety of colors as well as individual colors from different companies. To apply I will smile and apply a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks and swoop my brush a bit up into my hair line and then straight down. Like the bronzer don’t overdo this or you will just look like a clown. Try to find colors that compliment and that are close to your natural skin tones, but don’t be afraid to use brighter colors in the summer months.
9.   Setting spray or powder: This is something new for me. I used to do my entire make up and go but by 3 o’clock looked like I was melting. I have very oily skin in the summer and dry skin in the winter. I now use a setting spray or powder once I am done all my steps so that it all stays in place.  I really love “emotional brilliance” by Lush. I dust this everywhere on my face.
10.   Mascara: A couple of swipes of mascara and I’m almost done. During the day I rarely wear mascara on my bottom lashes.
11.   Lips: I stick to a nude or light pink lip color for work and a red lip on the week end or if I am going out. I also always have a lip moisturizer on hand wherever I go.

A few extra tips…
Blend a bit of foundation and bronzer on to your neck to avoid that yucky foundation line!
When wearing a darker lip color dab a layer of foundation over your lips. This will ensure you get the exact color from the tube and prolong the wear.
To mask a larger nose swipe a line of concealer straight down your nose and two lines of dark foundation or bronzer on the outside of your nose.
If your skin tone looks “dull” or “ashy” after applying foundation it is because the color is wrong. You often have to apply more than one foundation color to make your face look bright and flawless. Remember that when you are not wearing makeup your face has different tones, cheeks, under eyes, forehead etc are all different colors so not just one color of foundation or concealer will do.
Hope this has helped! Check out what’s on my makeup shopping list below…
1.   M.A.C face and body foundation
2.   M.A.C pro performance sponge
3.   M.A.C  163 flat contouring brush
4.   Make up forever Mist & Fix spray
5.   Urban Decay lashes
6.   Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Mat Lipstick in Rich Red


  1. Great guest post!
    I enjoy guest blogging as well. It's fun to give your readers a little something different every now and then!
    Gus Gus xo

  2. Feel free to Guest Blog over here anytime Gus Gus....