Why does Ed wear those bangs down?

This summer I really laid low with the tv...{Minus the Olympics, of course} The only show I faithfully watched & dont ask why or judge was Bachelor Pad...Its just so ridiculous you almost have to watch...The girls & all their crying, wowza I guess I cant judge cause Im not in their position but come on I really dont think Id be crying over the things they have bawled at...Last nights episode had me giggling with the contestants trying to bust out to a white rock song...Ed meaning it killed me...It also kills me when he decides to wear his hair or bangs down- why, why why?

Anyways, I could care less really who wins but looking forward to the most dramatic season finale yet...Love that they say that everytime...Did yall watch it?

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  1. Anonymous5.9.12

    haaaaaa...... T. I did watch it. Just as faithfully as I watched The Bachelor and The Bachelorette - it is such a horrible show; but for some reason I keep watching it. (Shel)