I love food, yes I do, I love food, how bout you?

In my last blog I talked about how the hubs laughs at my love of food...But it really is a serious thing...I honestly go to bed at night thinking about all the meals I can get down my hatch the next day...All my close girlfriends know how obsessed I am about food- If they are going out for dinner or had a delish treat I ask for detailed information about what they ordered & always want them to judge it out of 10...My brother & I constantly text or chat about meals weve had- He is particulary proud of the vast amounts of fast food he can consume and me wanting to know every detail- If Taco Bell gets a new item menu, guaranteed my baby brother is letting me know about it...I even have a bloody Taco Bell Pinterest Board to tame my desire for anything Taco Bell-like since there isn't one anywhere close to me...I challenge my sister-in-law to bake me different kinds of cookies, which I must say she is amazing at...At work meetings or important Board meetings Im the person to constantly ask about snacks...Or if we are planning any type of event while everyone else is talking seriously about guest speakers and such Im the one to ask about what caterer well use and what the meal will consist of...This was particulary bad when I was pregnant with Noal...

I just absolutely love food...Ive never been one to diet & the thought of giving anything up depresses me greatly...If I had to though I could probably give up chips and such- well not nachos out at a restaurant- Thats one of my favs- smothered in quac & sourcream...But bagged chips which my hubs is obsessed with, I could give up  for sure...Cheese, bread or sweets is just not an option for this girl...Sometimes I just go on my Mmmmm Pinterest Board & plan when & how I will get the hubs to make me something...Other option is I could learn to bake- actually this whole blog was to challenge myself- so this weekend I am going to do just that...Stay tuned..

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