The time bomb is about to go off...

Having this little blog break has been really nice...As much as I love writing & sharing my thoughts- Its been a surprisingly nice break to not have to think about this blog...That being said, Im always thinking of ideas for the blog- My mum is a compulsive list maker & I unfortunately didnt get that gene- Therefore, once a thought enters my mind its either there for good or gone forever...So, to all those ideas that will never grace the pages of this blog, can you come back to me?

You know when you give up exercising or a routine & then its impossibly hard to get back into it? Well, thats kind of how I feel right now about writing...I dont know if its the summer & weather, the fantastic Olympics distracting me or just wanting to spend as much possible time with my Bubs before heading back to work- whatever it is I apologize that this blog is so random- I guess its a lot like me...

So, on to the dreading time bomb of heading back to work, I only have a few more weeks...I am so not looking forward to going back- this time with Noal has been amazing- watching him grow, being here for every moment & the thought of not having that kills me...I realize here in Canada we are extremely lucky for our mat leaves & I cant complain but oh how I wish I could stay with him & this new baby girl for a few years...There is certain things I like about him going to a daycare but when I lay awake at night thinking about life I cant help but feel suffocated by the time bomb about to go off...But then I feel baby girl kick & smile & think to myself its only for a couple months & then Im off again with them both...Its funny cause before I went off on mat leave for Noal, I truly was one of those gals who wasnt sure if a whole year was for me- I loved my job, didnt want to losemyself & thought I would be bored at home with a baby all day...And now a year later Ive lost myself completely, Im still me t, but Im a momma through & through & Id give anything to stay at home with my kids...So to all ya ladies who get that chance, Im  extremely jealous...

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  1. Gloria15.8.12

    I completely feel the same, T! Dreading the day I go back and have to drop my baby off at daycare. Wish I could win the lottery...

  2. Anonymous15.8.12

    Great blog Tara! I've heard a lot about it in the past - nice to finally take a peek at it! I had all the same thoughts and feelings when I had Atticus and had to go back to work, but, you know, whether you're a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom, a little bit of both, or whatever you happen to choose, you'll find ways to make your time with your family meaningful regardless, and your kids will never question those choices. They're just lucky enough to have you as a mom! Myself, well, I've been lucky enough to do a little bit of all of the above, and it's really put my role as a parent into perspective. I'm glad I had the chance to be a working mom as well as a stay-at-home-mom. It makes us well-rounded (and maybe our kids too!).


  3. Bonnie15.8.12

    Tara, take it from a "stay at home mom" every situation has its Pros and Cons :) We find our special moments in what ever we choose to do and deal with the things we consequentially give up. We do what we do because we love them more than life its self xo Every stage in life will bring new joys and new things to look forward to, and as we leave the old stages behind we create cherished memories that no one will ever be able to take away :)

  4. Wise words from some wise Mommas...thanks for sharing ladies...
    Love t