t5- I think my hubs looks like a front runner on the Bachelorette...

Talking Bachelorette hereI definitely am rooting for Arie, Sean & Jef in that orderIm a bit stuck on Arie as he reminds me of my hubs
Sean obviously is a sweetheart & cute to boot and she seems to be like act like she has a teenage crush when it comes to JefI think Chris is too much- way to emotional & probably a hot head in real lifeI like that shes weeding them out faster than most in the past have done...I like her style

Now before you judge me on my love for bad telivision remember everyone finds joy in different things in life...Mind is trashy tv...I realize most people probably think the Bachelor/ette is garbage tv...I however find it entertaining, ackward & a pure joy to indulge in

On to another guilty pleasure that is absolutely ridiculous to watchThe Real Housewives of Vancouver- that Jody & Mia are outta this worldjust unreal reallyFriends you watching it???
And since its summer & tv world shuts down I personally cant wait to get these Olympics started & Big Brotherweird combo I know

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