She's captured cherished moments in my life...Meet the Lovely Justina...

I met my next Guest Blogger when Noal was 1 week old...We had our first family shoot & Justina was amazing...So talented, creative & has the ability to make you feel so comfortable...Even the hubs who normally finds photos in general awkward at best, was put at ease & she got some great shots...Ones I will cherish my whole life...

She also took some of my favourite shots of Noal to date & I cant wait to see how she captures moments in the future of my little family...

Justina has also photographed a lot of my friends weddings, engagements & cute family shoots...To see more of her work visit & or her blog

Hi everybody! My name is Justina Phippen, a friend of Tara’s, and a professional photographer!
I was immensely flattered when Tara asked me to be a guest blogger – I love reading all of her posts, the Letters to Noal inspire me to do something similar when I have my own little one.
I met Tara and Craig (and newborn Noal) when T asked me to come and shoot their very first professional family photos at their gorgeous home.  I always love it when clients ask me to shoot at their own home, as you can incorporate all the personal touches and familiar places in the photographs. Tara and Craig’s house is absolutely gorgeous inside, with all the elements that a photographer craves in an  “in-home” session.  We incorporated their dog Deacon in a few shots, spent some time hanging out in the bedroom with a sleepy Noal, and I snapped my last few photos outside in their backyard just as the sun was setting.

It ‘s such a great thing to be a photographer sometimes, and meeting new people, and learning about their lives.  I remember when we were doing our shoot, T was chatting to me about how it was to be a new mom, how their lives had changed immensely,  and I could see just how happy they were…I hope we will have many similar sessions in the future, and I can watch Noal grow up too! J

Now being a photographer, I am rarely in front of the lens! This all changed a few months ago when I booked an engagement photoshoot session in North Bay with my fiancé Eric.  We made a whole weekend out of it, travelling down to stay at a wonderful hotel near Callander called Terrace Suites, went out for supper,  did some “photoshoot outfit shopping” and had a great night’s sleep before out session in the morning.

Let me tell you, I loved it! We did two hours in the session, our photographer was absolutely wonderful in giving direction, and it was pretty relaxing after we got into it. I find being a photographer helped, as I knew the shots she was envisioning as she was setting it up, so I maneuvered myself to help achieve it.

My poor Eric, he was pretty overwhelmed with the whole thing, he’s very shy, and being in front of the lens for two hours was a real stretch, but in the end we achieved some adorable shots, and I can’t wait to blow some up and display them at our wedding next September.

I just wanted to include at the end of this little blog post that having family photos documenting your life is a MUST in my eyes (I know I am a little biased!) but it really is important to capture those memories. You want to be able to remember the times you are engaged to the love of your life, your wedding as you walk down the aisle, your pregnant “baby bump”, your newborn baby sleeping, your baby’s first steps, etc, etc.

Life is meant to be captured J

Thanks for reading – until next time!

Justina Phippen

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  1. Great Post Justina!! You really are so talented. Thxs for snapping my girls over the last couple years. You and Eric look very sweet in your pics!