So, as I gallivanted across the West indulging in everything from sushi to the Cheesecake Factory, my lovely friend & guest blogger has changed her life...In Laurs first blog she talked to yall about her year off from fast food... I am so proud of her- she has changed her world & below you can read all about it...So inspiring Laurs...

No Fast Food for 1 Year Update:  6 full months in and going strong!!!

So Tara asked me to give you a bit of an update as to how we are doing with our no fast food for one year family challenge!!  Here it is folks…..6 full months in and not once have we had fast food!  Thoughts have definitely crossed my mind when we’ve been out and it would be convenient to just pick something up quickly.  Or definitely when I heard Wendy’s has come out with chili cheese fries and poutines!!!!  That nearly killed me knowing I can’t try them….so what did I do?  I sent a little message to my best friend, Tara to make her try them for me and give me a verdict on how delicious it was!  Of course she was already all over that and had tried it before I even asked her too!
I’m still making some of my favorites at home that I miss so dearly and have added a few new ones to the list, such as fries supreme made with low fat oven fries, extra lean ground beef, fat free sour cream, and nacho cheese…..the Windsor Famous Chicken Delight! I found a sweet little recipe that is super similar and delicious…..and a poutine made with low fat oven fries, shredded low fat cheese and a gravy mix from a pack that’s only 80 calories for a full cup and so delicious!! 
Obviously I don’t eat like that all the time, I normally have more balance meals with lots of fruits and vegetables but I definitely need to fill those cravings.  I just do it with a lot less fat, calories, and better portions.

Along with this challenge I have also been on a weight loss journey. I decided that I want to lose weight (for the million time) but this time it’s different.  I want to lose weight to be healthy and fit, look my best and be the best mom, wife that I can be with lots of energy to live my life daily!  So far I have lost a little over 30lbs since January and am aiming to lose another 25lbs to be at my healthy weight.  I haven’t been this current weight in 10 years and it feels so good!
In doing so I have learned how much I actually love to exercise!  I started running last September but really have gotten into it since January.  I have pushed myself harder than ever before and have achieved so many things that a year ago I could only wish that I could achieve!  I have run 3 official 5K runs and run 6 days a week on my treadmill at home.  I have gotten as far as 10K and am so proud of myself.  I also watch my calories daily by inputting them into which is a sweet little tool I was introduced to and could honestly say without the support and accountability of a few people on there I may have given up like so many times before…..this time is different!  I’m in it for the life change and I’m loving the new me:)

So that’s my current status with the fast food challenge and the weight loss endeavor and I look forward to updating you in another 3 months with great reports of no fast food and more weight loss!  I hope you find this inspiring and encouraging that you can do it to!  Thanks so much for listening!