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As mentioned in Pin Seven, you lucky friends get to now meet one of the loveliest people I know...
She's been my friend on April 10th for 31 years as she will explain in her post & I'm blessed to have her in my life...Here's her inspiring story:

I'm Laura Spencer or as Tara likes to call me Laurs. I am a wife of almost 10 years to my high school sweetheart Brad and mother of 3 beautiful children, Maddiysn {8}, Maiysn {5}, and Mackennze {3}.  They are the light of my life and what I live for everyday!!!

Tara and I have been best friends since I was in the womb…..or that’s what we like to tell people ;)  Our story is that when Tara’s mom was in the hospital after giving birth my mom was her postpartum nurse.  They already knew each other from church/youth group growing up. My mom was just pregnant with me when Tara was born and they put Tara up to my mom’s stomach and said….meet your friend!!  We’ve been friends ever since!  Whether that is completely true or not we aren’t sure but we like to tell the story!!

So as a guest blogger, Tara has asked me to share a challenge that my husband and I have set for ourselves and our kids for the next year….NO FAST FOOD!!!  This is not including Subway as we are talking about the unhealthy food not the amount of time it takes to make it! 
For anyone who knows me or our little family they would know that I started working at Harvey’s when I was 14 years old.  I always ate there when I was working and from then on Fast food’s been a Big part of my life, from Taco Bell drive thru after babysitting on Monday nights with my best friend Tara, to McDonalds after youth group on Friday night to riding my bike to Taco Bell in the summer time… you see, it kind of fit in all the time as a teenager and as I got older unfortunately it didn’t seem to change. My husband and I as we were dating went to Fast food restaurants all the time because we loved the way it tasted and probably were addicted to it lol!! As we got married and had kids the reasons changed but our eating habits didn’t.  We ended up going to Fast food restaurants for convenience and for fun for the kids!  I would definitely say we ended up eating there at least 2 times per week sometimes more L 

Well with weight, health and responsibility at stake (teaching our children to eat properly) my husband and I made a challenge with each other that we wouldn’t have fast food for 1 whole year!  We started the last week in December 2011 so we are 3 full months in and going strong.  Honestly, it’s been amazingly simple!!!!  We are healthier, we are saving money by cooking almost all meals at home and we are also passing along the knowledge to our children about what it means to be healthy and be careful and conscious of what you eat and how this affects you!  I feel completely detoxed and I believe my kids are also.  They don’t ask at all about eating somewhere like that and they have really grown to love Subway and making healthy choices there!  They wondered at dinner the other day when we will eat it again and I said actually I don’t want to eat it even after the year I have no urge to at all and I am so surprised by this as I believe I was so addicted!!!
So for these last 3 months I have not been deprived at all.  I still make similar meals at home but much healthier versions.  I’ve made big macs (with extra lean ground beef, light cheese slice and light thousand island dressing). 

We have tacos once a week (with extra lean ground beef, light cheese, and fat free sour cream) and also homemade pizza (on pitas, with veggies and light mozerella cheese). 

See there are so many different things you can make at home that taste just as good but you have Full control over the amount of fat, the toppings and the way it’s cooked! 
I’m very proud of the choice we’ve made to take on this challenge and to finally choose to teach our children to eat properly as well as retraining ourselves on healthy eating!  I believe we are so much better off and will live much longer.  This choice may not be for everyone and not possible for everyone and I respect that but this is a choice that we as a family chose to make and I am not regretting it!  Not even for a second…..  As the year goes on Tara wants me to update you on this challenge so you will be hearing from me again J

Thanks for listening,

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  1. i love laura!!!! way to go..i know you will make it the rest of the year!!!!!

  2. Gloria Trothen4.4.12

    Awesome example for your kids, Laura!

  3. Liz Calder4.4.12

    Love the challenge Laura!!!! And love what you've been creating at home :) So proud of you and you family - you are wonderful examples!

    1. Thanks Liz!! You have definately been an inspiration in how you changed you :)

  4. great job and my family and trying a low glycemic diet with a lot more exercise...i plan to start sticking to it better and get a lot of this weight off God-willing.
    Lu Abuzaid

  5. Thanks Lu - and good luck in you journey :)