~Meet Stylish Shel~

Happy Paddy’s Day y’all…

Missing Ireland & our Irish Family more than ever and realizing I might not have a Paddy’s day as brilliant as the one I had in Dublin...But, so thankful I got to experience it at least once firsthand…

On that note, my super-stylish, friend Shel is about to embark to the magical little island this summer and it’s about time you were introduced to some of my lovely Guest Bloggers

So meet Shel…She’s a new mum & works in the same field I do- So we’ve had a lot to bond about!!! Her little guy Kohen is beyond adorable and Noal & him are bound to be great buds…

Hello fellow T followers!

My name is Shelly Zubyck and I am a good friend of Tara's. I was flattered when T asked me to be a guest on her blog. Her writing is raw and real, just like her. Her posts hit close to home for me as a first time mommy myself. Kohen was born only 4.5 months before Noal, and I love that T and I can share and compare parenting tips, tricks and stories throughout these different stages.

Like any new mommy my priorities have shifted, however, my love for fashion somewhat heightened as now I have another little person to dress!

I love following celebrity moms like Kourtney Kardashian for fashion inspiration for Kohen and I and I lean towards dressing Kohen like a little man as opposed to a baby boy.

One of Kohen’s first outfits was a linen blazer and matching paper boy cap from the Gap!

Sometimes I think moms feel guilty about spending time or even money on themselves, but for me there’s a balance. With the birth of my little man, my primp time has hit an all time low, in the bottom of my Louis Vuitton you'll find Boogie Wipes and my go to online shopping sites now include Baby Bot. You’ll never catch me in denim that gives me the infamous “mom bum”!

I am looking forward to seeing and being a part of T’s blog as it grows and evolves and sharing more time and experiences with her and our two little boys in the years to come!

So my first fashion blog to you will be about NEON!!!!!

Winter’s on its way out and I’m looking forward to gettin’ bold in NEON this spring!

For all of you products of the 80’s, this trend may take your imagination back to your Saved by the Bell days at Bayside High,

but these big, bright hues are back in a grown up, modern and feminine way.

From Christian Louboutin to Forever 21, this burst of colour can be added to everyone’s wardrobe on any budget.

Afraid you may look more like an 80’s train wreck? Try adding these pops of colour to your closet basics!

Essie nail polish in tour de france.                             

Make yellow your new neutral with this Jcrew patent leather skinny belt in golden sunflower. 
Try these hot pink piped ballerina flats from Zara on for size.  


It’s no secret I’m a huge Jessica Simpson fan…

Add these multi strap sandals to you LBD!

Be the first to introduce neon to your office in a professional way with this blazer and skirt from Asos.

I’ll be adding some flare to my spring wardrobe with these Michael Kors Jewel Tone Skinny’s!

And watch for my stylin’little man, Kohen sporting this bright tee from the Gap!

Looking forward to seeing how you’ll all be wearing these hot hues in a chic way!

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  1. Robyn Mac18.3.12

    love it! shel, you need to post a pic of your new neon top!